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Minimum Security Requirement for Importers

CTPAT Minimum Security Requirements for Importers: Corporate Security

In 2019, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) updated its minimum security criteria (MSC) to address changes to the global supply chain and the...

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CTPAT Management Software

What is CTPAT Management Software and How Does it Benefit Shippers?

As a shipper, you know earning a CTPAT certification will help you improve your supply chain’s security, acquire more business, and ensure a faster...

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CTPAT Vendor Management

Steps to Improve Strategic CTPAT Vendor Management

Before we get started, a quick review of CTPAT

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cyber security

13 Cybersecurity Requirements for CTPAT Compliance (and How to Meet Them)

There are numerous benefits to becoming CTPAT certified. Shorter border wait times, skipped inspection lines, and fewer CBP examinations are just a...

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CTPAT Compliance Risk Assesment

How to Conduct a CTPAT 5-Step Risk Assessment

See Transcription of the Video below in case you want to read and not watch!

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The future of CTPAT

The future of CTPAT and should I get certified?

One of the frequent questions we get asked as consultants and software providers for Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (“CTPAT”) is “How do...

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CTPAT MSC Compliance

Making Sense of the New MSC

One of the biggest obstacles facing both current and prospective members of the CTPAT program is new MSC compliance. Across the supply chain...

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CTPAT management software

How CTPAT Management Software Can Make Sending CTPAT Questionnaires Easy

For most shippers, maintaining a CTPAT certification is a tedious and exhausting process that demands a great deal of time and energy. While...

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CTPAT Visitor Management

The Total Guide to CTPAT Visitor Management Protocol

As most members are aware, there are a lot of standard operating procedures CTPAT participants must both document and enforce to comply with CBP’s...

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upper management CTPAT compliance

Upper Management Responsibility – Making Sure Your CTPAT Program Happens

One of the key responsibilities of the Designated CTPAT Security Coordinator for your company is to make sure the CTPAT program submitted to the CBP...

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CTPAT social compliance

Understanding CTPAT Social Compliance Policies

U.S. Customs estimates there are over 40 million enslaved people in the world today, and approximately 25 million of them are being forced into...

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