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Begin Your CTPAT Journey: What to Expect as a New Applicant with Veroot

Begin Your CTPAT Journey: What to Expect as a New Applicant with Veroot

So, you've discovered the potential rewards and benefits of obtaining Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism “CTPAT” certification for your company. However, you also recognize the challenges that may arise undertaking the complex application process on top of your daily workload. Perhaps you're interested in how Veroot can assist you in obtaining CTPAT certification but are unsure about what this process entails. Here is an overview of what you can expect when you partner with Veroot to apply for CTPAT certification.

Once you've decided to work with Veroot for your CTPAT application, we'll start the process by gathering information about your company's current processes and policies using a simple fillable form. This step will assist us in identifying areas where your company may already be CTPAT compliant and any areas where policies may need to be implemented or upgraded. When the form is complete, a kick-off interview will be scheduled with an expert CTPAT Consultant. In this meeting, we'll review your business model and policies, assess your CTPAT eligibility, and outline our steps moving forward while addressing any questions you may have regarding CTPAT Certification.

From there, Veroot will:

  • Craft a customized comprehensive Security Profile tailored to your company.
  • Review your policies to ensure compliance with CTPAT MSC’s (Minimum Security Criteria).
  • Enhance or develop any additional policies needed to bridge any gaps for CTPAT compliance.
  • Conduct a full 5-Step Risk and Vulnerability assessment including: 
    • Perform an external and internal risk assessment, which involves conducting a comprehensive audit covering all 11 sections of the security profile.
    • Develop a threat analysis risk map that visually depicts the level of risk associated with each country your company imports/exports from.
    • Design a visually appealing cargo shipment map illustrating the flow of cargo from origin to final destination for one of your shipments.
    • Prepare a written action plan to address any vulnerabilities.
    • Document the entire process, cataloguing all the necessary paperwork, and reviewing and revising the process itself.
  • As well as provide guidance and answer any questions along the way.

Once the security profile and supporting documents are prepared based on your business model and policies, we'll send them to you for review and approval. You can then advise any updates or edits that may be necessary.

After the security profile and supporting documents are approved and you are satisfied with them, we will proceed to gather any Evidence of Implementation (EOI). These are crucial in the application process as they demonstrate to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that your company is actively compliant with CTPAT regulations.

Then once everything is finalized, we will take on the administrative task of uploading the full security profile, all the necessary documentation, and provide detailed answers from your Security Profile to the approximately 145 questions on the CTPAT Portal for your company. We then work with you to officially submit the application and keep you updated on any developments or decisions from CBP.

Throughout the process, a dedicated CTPAT consultant will be available to provide expert guidance and support to help you attain CTPAT certification.

We also offer CTPAT automation software to streamline the processes involved with becoming CTPAT certified. Save time and costs with security questionnaire automation, employee CTPAT training, and much more all accessible through a single dashboard.

Veroot is the leading CTPAT certification and CTPAT software service for supply chain compliance, and we consistently stay updated on any new CTPAT regulations or updates to better serve our customers.

If this sounds like something you're interested in or if you'd like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  We're here to help! 


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