The Story of Veroot

We Listened.
The word Veroot (pronounced ver-oot) comes from the Latin word “Verity” meaning “Truth” and the English word “Root”. 

We always want to be the root of truth for the companies and people we serve and give them ways to save time by simplifying their business.  Our founders understood the opportunity that existed if companies were able to connect and monitor compliance in a way that was not previously possible.


Veroot was founded in 2010 with headquarters in Cleveland, OH, and has since expanded to various locations across the US and Canada. We have spent the last decade building our reputation as the leading compliance software and consulting service in the logistics industry.


Though we started in TSA compliance, today Veroot has divisions that handle just about every type of logistics and supply chain governance including CTPAT, FCPA, FMCSA, and cyber security.  

Our CTPAT team was born when a few of our major TSA compliance clients came to us asking for a better way to manage their CTPAT programs. Right then and there, Veroot got to work building the most comprehensive, efficient, easy-to-use CTPAT software on the market.

Then word got out that the CBP was set to overhaul the CTPAT program. Major changes were on the horizon for the way CTPAT certification, annual renewals, and mandatory membership maintenance would be evaluated – making each category far more complex. Once again Veroot got to work, this time building a team of the best CTPAT consultants in the business to focus on helping companies navigate the new CTPAT requirements.  

Now we are the #1 CTPAT certification and CTPAT software service for supply chain compliance, and we’ve got the hardware to show for it with seven consecutive AFA Vendor of the Year awards!  

Next up? We heard from our logistics and shipping customers that they wanted a simple and affordable CYBERSECURITY solution. Our experience with building software and consulting in the logistics industry for over a decade prepared us for that moment which has led us to being the #1 supplier of Cyber Solutions for the air cargo industry.  

Veroot continues to be the leading solution for compliance professionals in the industry. Veroot works with thousands of companies to help with various aspects of compliance and governance to the forwarding community.


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