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Compliance Management

The Advantages of CTPAT Membership: Security, Efficiency, and Trade

In an increasingly interconnected global economy, ensuring the security of supply chains is more important than ever. The Customs Trade Partnership...

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Securing U.S. Borders: CTPAT's Role in Fighting the Fentanyl Epidemic

In recent years, the United States has been grappling with an alarming surge in the fentanyl and opioid crisis, casting a somber shadow over...

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2024 CTPAT Trade Summit Recap Notes from Veroot

So the Veroot Team went to the City of Brotherly Love... and once again compiled an exclusive report on the 2024 CTPAT Trade Summit!

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Understanding CTPAT Business Partner Compliance

One of the core components of the CTPAT program is ensuring that business partners are also compliant with CTPAT standards especially if the business...

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Begin Your CTPAT Journey: What to Expect as a New Applicant with Veroot

So, you've discovered the potential rewards and benefits of obtaining Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism “CTPAT” certification for your...

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CTPAT 5 Steps

5 Key Steps to Build a Successful CTPAT Program

Define Your Supply Chain Stakeholders. Every company has different reasons for joining CTPAT. Not all are obvious, but everyone involved in the...

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CTPAT Trade Summit Notes

2023 CTPAT Trade Summit Cliff Notes from Veroot

Veroot has compiled an exclusive report on the 2023 CTPAT Trade Summit – reading it will almost be like being there! So the Team Went to Boston…

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CTPAT Annual Assessment

How to Conduct a Winning CTPAT Annual Assessment

As a member of CTPAT, each year you are required to pass an Annual Renewal conducted by your assigned Supply Chain Security Specialist (SCSS)....

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CTPAT Air Freight

Adapting to a New Air Freight Industry with CTPAT

In the air freight industry, adhering to compliance regulations is critical for success. But as consumer behavior shifts, an unmapped business...

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CTPAT Physical Security Cameras

MSC Requirements Explained: Cameras for CTPAT Physical Security

As companies continue to navigate new minimum security criteria, CTPAT Physical Security requirements are a common area of confusion – specifically...

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