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CTPAT 5 Steps

5 Key Steps to Build a Successful CTPAT Program

Define Your Supply Chain Stakeholders. Every company has different reasons for joining CTPAT. Not all are obvious, but everyone involved in the...

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CTPAT Rock Solid Maintenance Strategy

How to Build a Rock-Solid CTPAT Maintenance Strategy

So…you have decided you want to be a member of the CTPAT program. Perhaps a client is requesting it – or maybe you just want to prevent shipping...

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CTPAT Management Software

What is CTPAT Management Software and How Does it Benefit Shippers?

As a shipper, you know earning a CTPAT certification will help you improve your supply chain’s security, acquire more business, and ensure a faster...

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CTPAT management software

How CTPAT Management Software Can Make Sending CTPAT Questionnaires Easy

For most shippers, maintaining a CTPAT certification is a tedious and exhausting process that demands a great deal of time and energy. While...

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