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Veroot helps you meet cyber security requirements for TSA, CTPAT and other Government programs.  We help put the plan and infrastructure in place to protect your business from cyber disasters.  

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Cyber Security Consulting 

We provide a comprehensive strategy designed for logistics companies to gain visibility over their entire cyber landscape, discover security issues, and put a plan in place to protect vital assets.

Security Assessment

We perform due diligence to identify points of vulnerability, outlining steps to proactively protect and document the securing of networks, and  important systems like email, TMS/ERP/WMS.

Network Map  

We generate a high-level map of your network to show auditors, and if/when disaster strikes, we can remediate it faster. 

Cyber Security Policy

We create a cyber security policy making sure the cyber security basics are in place and craft an incident response plan, so you have a step-by-step approach to solving cyber issues before they happen.  

Incident Response Plan 

Veroot will work with the insurance company or chosen remediation provider to create a breach playbook documenting the process for the executive team when responding to a cyber incident. 

Cyber Security Coordinator 

TSA Regulations require every IAC to nominate main/alt. Cyber Security Coordinators. We can fulfill this role for your company's U.S.-based Authorized Representative. 

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Advanced Services

Next-level approach that goes above and beyond the typical cyber prevention program, for organizations seeking a third-party audit of their systems.

Active System Monitoring

A credentialed technician will check the overall traffic and operation of the network to:

  • Identify compromised systems or devices.

  • Install monitoring software on workstations and devices to verify network health.

  • Create alerts for a detected breach or unusual traffic.


Penetration Testing

This is an authorized simulated cyberattack on a computer system, performed to evaluate security and stress test for vulnerability.

  • Performs network vulnerability scan.

  • Tests ports, SQi, XSS, payload exploit, etc.

  • Indicates weakness in deployments.

  • Indicates a mitigation plan if necessary.

Phishing Tests

Phishing is sending a fake email that convinces an employee to click on it and enter a password or other sensitive data.

  • We design custom templates that mimic your company's operations software to test your employees.

  • If we catch an employee, we alert their supervisor and automatically enroll them in additional cyber training.

Cyber Remediation

Understanding the type of attack – email data compromise, Ransomware, server hack, etc. is important to make sure it never happens again. To remediate cyber-attacks Veroot partners with a nationwide cyber forensics company that’s primary mission is to help organizations recover from cyber breaches.  

Cyber Security Suite

Our cyber software solution is designed to help shipping and logistics companies manage the annual cyber security component of their government compliance programs. 

Cyber Questionnaires 

Send supplier conformance questionnaires to your software providers to ensure they are maintaining secure practices and show the due diligence necessary to obtain affordable cyber insurance coverage. 

Cyber Policy 

Easily gather annually required signatures from your team to commit to upholding your cyber security policy.  

Incident Reporting 

TSA / CISA compliant incident reporting infrastructure and assistance if necessary.   

Cyber Security Dashboard 

Complete roll-up of your TSA / NIST and other government programs audit data in one spot including:

  • Network map

  • Cyber policy e-signatures from employees

  • Business partner cyber questionnaires

  • Executive incident response playbook

  • Repository for assessments and management reviews

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Software Partners

Veroot has partnered with top-tier cyber security software providers. We can leverage our relationship for bulk pricing to make it affordable and easy to install into your logistics enterprise.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) 

Veroot has partnered with N-able, voted #1 RMM solution 3 years running.  N-able is deployed into your enterprise to improve security and ensures employees will use workstations in a standard configuration for work only, and eliminates untrusted program installations.

N-able RMM allows your Veroot team to monitor and manage the health and performance of the IT systems remotely.  Ask us how using RMM can keep you network and workstations safe and up to date with the latest security patches for Windows, MAC, while providing layered security for your entire network.


Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Veroot has partnered with Huntress EDR which specifically focuses on endpoint security. Endpoint security involves protecting individual devices (such as computers, servers, and other endpoints) from cybersecurity threats. EDR solutions like Huntress aim to identify and mitigate security incidents at the endpoint level.

Key features include:

  • Threat Detection

  • Incident Response

  • Forensic Analysis

  • Behavioral Analysis

  • Integration with Security Operations

  • Continuous Monitoring

Cyber Security Training 

Phishing and cyber compliance program training for everyone on your team. 

Cyber Policy Training

Ensure employees read, understand, and digitally sign off on maintaining cyber security policies. If you don’t have an employee policy, we will design and implement it.

Advanced Services Training

Train the entire company to report hacking attempts and discuss potential issues in company chat channels like Teams, Slack, Google Workspaces, etc.

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Veroots’ cyber security team played a crucial role in guiding us through complex TSA cyber regulations. We highly recommend their service.

Sergio Steagall




Using the Veroot for cyber services has allowed us to meet the new TSA regulatory requirements with ease.

Steve Love
Vice President of Operations

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"Love the platform! We passed our most recent inspection with "flying colors" and a large portion of that is thanks to Veroot!"

Nathan Brown
Operations Manager



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