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Veroot is the supply chain industry’s leading certification and software services provider for the CTPAT program. Our expert consultants help organizations apply to the program with a 100% acceptance rate and offer existing members automation tools to manage security questionnaires and streamline maintenance security criteria.  

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CTPAT Automation Software

Streamline maintenance tasks and save 90% of the time spent on annual program maintenance.  This revolutionary system is an automation-based, cost-saving solution that makes CTPAT sustainable.  

Time Saving 

Utilize best-in-class templates or import your own for CTPAT security questionnaires, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), management reviews, 7/17 inspections, audits, and facility assessments.

Questionnaire Automation

Automatically send, track, collect, and score annual security questionnaires and audit documentation from a single dashboard.


Use the built-in workflow to deploy, track, and collect responses including e-signatures.

Annual Reviews and Validations

Store, view, and manage all information required for the annual CTPAT renewal in one centralized dashboard and rollover eligible CTPAT data year-over-year.

Supply Chain Risk Assessments

Conduct supply chain risk assessments and track issue resolution.

CTPAT Automation Software

CTPAT - Vendor Portal-1

Increase data accuracy. 


Built-in Vendor Portal

Make it easy for business partners to maintain CTPAT compliance with our easy-to-access Vendor Portal. 

Dashboard Visibility

Manage the document life cycle for all your business partners in one centralized dashboard including business partner updates, issue flagging, and audit reports. 

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CTPAT Certification Consulting

Whether you’re new to CTPAT or a seasoned program veteran, building and submitting a fully compliant CTPAT Security Profile can be a daunting (and incredibly time-consuming) task. Veroot provides the only CTPAT consulting service to take the workload of CTPAT certification completely off of your plate, allowing you to focus on your everyday responsibilities while we handle the hard stuff.

Security Profile Creation-1

Security Profile Creation-1

Security Profile Creation  

Veroot provides the security criteria expertise to build a fully customized, best-in-class security profile to ensure your organization achieves CTPAT certification.

Supply Chain Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Supply Chain Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

5-Step Risk Assessment  

Develop resources to show 5-Step Risk Assessment conformance including Cargo Maps, Supply Chain Risk Map, and Vulnerability Assessments. 

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Cargo Flow MappingCargo Flow Mapping

Cargo Flow Mapping  

A visualization of what happens to your cargo when it leaves the facility and how your business partners know how to protect conveyance and cargo properly. Our team illustrates who and how freight is handled through each step of your supply chain, then documents it in your security profile so your Supply Chain Security Specialist (SCSS) can review how your company maintains compliance.

Supply Chain Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Evidence of Implementation CreationEvidence of Implementation Creation

Evidence of Implementation Creation

Certification service includes creating a suite of customized SOPs to meet CTPAT MSC requirements. Processes will include an explanation of each CTPAT principle, resulting in 50+ procedures designed to communicate your company’s adherence to MSC. Policies include cargo exception reports, driver/visitor log forms, IT, security alarms and cameras, employees, container inspections, 7/8- and 17/18-point inspections, seal logs, facility inspection templates, BCDR plan and WPM  agriculture. 

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CTPAT Portal UploadCTPAT Portal Upload-1

CTPAT Portal Upload   

All documentation is uploaded to your CTPAT portal including answers to security profile questionnaires, supporting evidence and documentation, and any additional files necessary for your organization to achieve CTPAT certification. 

Supply Chain Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Additional FeaturesAdditional Features-1

Additional Features  

CTPAT eligibility review

Annual and Validation Coaching

Software suite setup and deployment

#1 CTPAT Solution for Importers

In the highly competitive business environment, Veroot offers importers a comprehensive solution for CTPAT certification. For those already certified, Veroot provides specialized software designed to streamline the transition from Tier 1 to Tier 3 compliance.

Don't miss out on the chance to participate in bids for goods, projects, and materials, as numerous major distributors and OEMs now mandate CTPAT certification from their partners:

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Increase Business-1
Increase Business / OEM
Supplier Bids


Imporve Tier Compliance
Improve Tier Compliance


The Veroot CTPAT Program:

  • Software optimized for CTPAT automation.

  • Professional consulting support for Importers, Consolidators, 3PL's, Highway Carriers,  Customs Brokers, Air Carriers, and Ocean Carriers

  • The easy path to CTPAT maintenance.

  • Used by hundreds of companies.


Case Studies

Case Study 1

Learn how Veroot helped the team at EFW automate CTPAT and make it much easier
to maintain!
Case Study 1


Case Study 2

Check out how National Dental Labs partnered with Veroot, passed validation in an hour and submitted its annual review a month early!
Case Study 2

CTPAT Security Awareness Training

Whether you need annual security awareness training, SOPs, educational videos, or guidance on how to get your internal team and business partners up to speed on the CTPAT program, Veroot has the training solutions to help.

World-class set of CTPAT trainings featuring: 

  • Annual CTPAT Security Awareness training for employees and business partners.

  • Instructional videos to support your 7/8 point inspection, forced labor, and more.

  • Updated regularly with new MSC points of emphasis.

  • Training SOPs are branded for your company.


Send, track, and manage all CTPAT training from a single dashboard. 

  • Administer with a single click to your employees and business partners.

  • Send annual CTPAT security awareness tests, track completion, and automatically grade exams.

  • Prove distribution of required training materials during audits.

  • Instantly pull quiz reports for any segment of your CTPAT program.

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The CTPAT solution Veroot provided was right on point. My CBP Supply Chain Security Specialist was impressed. They said the deliverables from Veroot are a great foundation for our organization’s CTPAT program and would serve us for years to come. Thanks!

Geoff Speck
Vice President

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I would like to thank the Veroot team for assisting with our CTPAT validation. The Veroot team is a huge asset!

Selena Maxwell
Director of Logistics

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The SCSS for our Minnesota office LOVES the program you’ve put together.  Our validation time was literally cut in half because of how detailed our security profile was. So yet again…you guys rock!!! Thank you so much for everything.

Amy Felsen
Chief Financial Officer


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