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Simple accurate management of your TSA compliance program with the #1 compliance tool for IACs and Authorized Representatives. Whether you are an IAC or an Authorized Representative, our software will help organize, manage, and maintain your TSA compliance.

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TSA Compliance Automation Software

Automate labor-intensive IACMS tasks, streamline TSA audits and visualize compliance gaps. 

Centralized Dashboard


Authorized Rep Ecosystem Visibility

Real-time visibility into roster updates, training dates/scores, expiration flags, STAs, and equivalents. 

STAs and Equivalents

Our software tracks STAs, CDL Hazmat, TWICS, SIDA, and FAST approvals.

TSA Audits

Quickly access and export all the Authorized Representatives training and STA data for unanticipated audits.

TSA Letter Renewals

Send your TSA notification letter and collect e-signatures from Authorized Representatives with one click. 

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IACMS Compatibility


Security Threat Assessments (STA) 

Export STA data in tab-delimited format for easy upload into IACMS. 


IACMS Updates 

Keep IACMS current and updated with our Compliance Manager tool. 

Relationship Management


TSA Agent Directory

Search and instantly connect with over 4300 TSA-compliant agents in every U.S. market by airport or zip code. 

Status Updates

See current Change 9 training metrics, check the most recent update date, see the signed TSA letter, and notify Authorized Rep. of any pending compliance tasks.

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Authorized Rep. Flagging

Set flags with a few clicks to notify Authorized Reps. of non-compliance regarding training expiries, STA expirations, and other overdue items.


Track Non-conformance

Send proactive emails and assign system-driven compliance actions to Authorized Reps.


Community Driven

The entire IAC community works in concert to flag Authorized Reps making sure training, STAs and equivalents, and other data are properly updated.

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IAC Certification Consulting

Not a TSA IAC yet?  We can help with that too. Being an IAC provides expedited air cargo services for your customers by allowing you to book cargo directly with a passenger airline.

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Indirect Air Carrier CertificationCargo Flow Mapping

Indirect Carrier Certification 

Veroot partners with your company by preparing your new TSA IAC application. We make sure all the explanations, legal documents, and background materials are properly assembled. This helps the TSA know you will maintain the proper guidelines and can be trusted with IAC certification.

Supply Chain Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Documentation CreationEvidence of Implementation Creation

Document Creation

Creation of your 22-point TSA Security Letter implementation instructions, application forms, legal documents, Secure Shipper forms, and a complete library of IAC documents required by the TSA. 

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CTPAT Portal UploadIACMS Usage and Security Threat Assessments

IACMS and STA Numbers 

Your Authorized Representative and experienced guide to help you navigate IACMS and obtain Security Threat Assessment (STA) numbers for your employees, ensuring they have the required clearance to work in air freight.  

Supply Chain Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

TSA Training

Security Coordinator Training  

Elevate your understanding of TSA Compliance with Advanced Training, packed with content specifically designed to get Security Coordinators up to speed on the Change 9 IACSSP regulations.

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TSA Audits and Inspections

TSA Audits and Inspections

Be fully prepared for your initial TSA visit by conducting a comprehensive mock audit to ensure every detail is meticulously attended to. Understand what the TSA requires from an IAC to pass future follow-up inspections with ease.

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CNS IATA Certification Consulting

Veroot can help with the challenging task of getting your CNS-IATA certification.

Why CNS-IATA? This allows an IAC to get revolving credit with airlines instead of pre-paying for cargo bookings. IACs can also get access to special rates and payment terms, resulting in better costs and cashflow. CNS IATA comes with access to the Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS), a payment service that provides seamless financial transactions between air carriers and IACs.

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Regulatory Training Financial Review

Regulatory, Training, and
Financial Review

Supply Chain Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Create Company Document Filings

Create Company Document Filings

IATA Application Submission and Certification

IATA Application Submission and Certification

Employee Training

The easiest way to keep your entire team trained, whether they work remotely or right down the hall, our 49 CFR-compliant solution automates every step of the e-training process. Maximize time and cost savings for your organization when you assign, manage, and document TSA-mandated or custom training on our Learning Management System (LMS). Ideal for IACs, Authorized Reps, importers, brokers, and others.

Simple Administration and Assignment 

  • Administer and document Change 9 TSA training for Authorized Reps and employees.

  • Save time and complete training anytime, anywhere. from any internet-enabled desktop or mobile device.

  • One-click assignment for annual training.

Consolidate Records and Training Data 

  • Get notified when employees are due for training via your dashboard and with a weekly summary email.

  • Store custom training, documents, and other employee information.

  • Easily view and export employee and Authorized Rep. training records.

  • Quickly pull critical records for proof of training for TSA audits

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I used to spend every minute of my day inputting data into IACMS, but not with Veroot. Veroot is by far the best.

Jerry Mahanay
Support Coordinator




Veroot has made compliance a breeze.  Since we are a growing company, the ability to add ARs on the fly has been key to growing our air export product.

Brooke Cummings
Director of IT

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3 inspections today... was easily able to access the information we needed - singing Veroot’s praises.

Melissa Navarre
Compliance Manager



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