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We're in the business of building long term relationships.  When our customers share their approval and feedback it's the fuel that propels us to push boundaries, innovate, and keep creating efficiencies they'll love even more.  We appreciate each and every one of you! 

"Veroot’s guidance was excellent and very timely. We learned a ton, and have the foundation in place to continue to build upon our CTPAT program going forward."

Jay Walick
Vice President – International Services


"Veroot is an absolute time saver for compliance."

Liz Coleman
Manager of Corporate Compliance




“You guys have done a great job... thank you.”

Beth A. Schwartz
Director of Human Resources


“Thank you so much! This is awesome and was super-fast. We got the notice from CBP already. We appreciate you all very much!”

Kristi Cochran
Supply Chain Manager

EOS North America

"We had a CTPAT virtual validation about three weeks after you finished your work on our file and they had not even one observation!"

Jim Wareing
Compliance Director

The Aurum Group

“Thank you all very much for your assistance – we couldn’t have done this without Veroot!"

Rene Yin
Export Specialist

Viewsonic Inc

"3 inspections today... singing Veroot’s praises."

Melissa Navarre
Manager, Corporate Compliance


"We can’t thank the Veroot team enough for your hard work. We gave you a very tight timeline, and you managed to meet it! We really appreciate your effort. Our Security Profile has been submitted, and we’ll let you know when we hear back from our CTPAT officer."

Sema Osman
Legal Executive Assistant

cavalier logistics

"...feeling a huge relief because I am now 100% confident we are completely compliant with a fraction of the work."

Peter Lamy



"You have made my life so much easier in the last 2 1/2 years I have been with you.  It's been an amazing ride.  I love the people at Veroot as well, they really care."


Tina Aruzza
Manager of Corporate Compliance

Allstate World Cargo
Atlantic Packaging

"Thank you so much! This is awesome and was super-fast. We got the notice from CBP already. We appreciate you all very much!"

Kristi Cochran
Supply Chain Manager


"We had a CTPAT virtual validation about three weeks after you finished your work on our file and they had not even one observation!"

Jim Wareing
Compliance Director


"Veroot is great! We could not have gotten here without you!"

Jim Gunther
Cottage Creek Furniture-1

“Aside from cutting down paperwork and employee hours, all info is immediately ready at your fingertips.“

Annmarie Velez
TQM Leader

Alba Wheels Up

“Veroot is great! You can use me as a reference - anytime!”

Glen Hall
AFA Security Chair, TSA Security Coordinator

ALG Worldwide

“Veroot CTPAT is fantastic. We love the user-friendly platform. The best feature is the digital CTPAT questionnaire. It allows us to understand what kind of partner we are dealing with and helps us decide if we want them to be part of our supply chain. I recommend this tool for anyone serious about compliance.”

Compliance Manager

Asia Shipping

"Love the platform! We passed our most recent inspection with "flying colors" and a large portion of that is thanks to Veroot!"

Nathan Brown
Operations Manager


“Way to go Veroot!“

Joanne McCartney
Compliance Manager

Axis Global

"I think the world of Veroot and was blown away by their approach.  It's easy when you have a trusted partner to do their thing."

Jay Devers

Bestway International

“On behalf of my team and BRi, thank you for the amazing effort and the incredible support! From the very first call I had with you, the Veroot team made me feel at ease and reassured me that we were in safe hands. Please pass our thanks on to everyone.”

Aaron Poole


"Greatly appreciate it - Veroot has done a great job so far with our compliance programs."

Derek Wharton
Compliance Manager

Emergency Parts

“I began using this program a couple of months ago and I cannot rave enough about it.“

Delia Galligan
Compliance Manager

Logistics International

“Joining Veroot is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Your service is truly awesome and only getting more impressive.”

Sam Harvey
Compliance Manager

Mapcargo Global Logistics

“Veroot Team. Many thanks for your help and assistance in getting Point Global CTPAT certified!"

Gustavo Kolmel

Point Global Logistics

"Makes my job a LOT easier”

Kathy Brubaker
Compliance Manager

QW Express

“Using the Veroot System has saved me a ton of time and lowered my frustration with regards to managing CTPAT and business partner compliance.”

Steve Love
Vice President of Operations

Saturn Freight Systems

“We are very pleased with the product Veroot provides.”

John McPartland
Security Coordinator

Savino Del Bene

“Sweet system…”

Matt Kluck
Security Coordinator

TForce TFI International

“We are very pleased with our decision to select Veroot as a CTPAT management solution. After incorporating the system and processes into our CTPAT program, we are happy to report we received high praise from our Supply Chain Security Specialist during our last revalidation.”

Alison Peters
Import Compliance

UTC Overseas

“I appreciate the support and the extent to which Veroot has gone above and beyond to ensure the CTPAT process is seamless for us.”

Carla McDowell
TSA Compliance Manager

Worldnet International

“Thanks to the whole team at Veroot for the support through this process. Jobar wouldn’t have done it without you. I will for sure recommend your company to our partners!”

Brian Valdez
Purchasing Manager

Jobar International