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Malicious ads creep into Bing Chat responses

Bing Chat Adds May Be Directing You to Malicious Links

Malwarebytes researchers conducted a test on Bing Chat by typing a simple query: “download advanced IP scanner.”

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cyber security model

Why is EDR Important?

EDR is important for IACs as it helps them detect and prevent cyber threats from endpoints. With EDR, IACs can quickly identify anomalies, such as...

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LockBit Cyber Security

LockBit on the Prowl of Industry Titans

In a striking incident that caught the attention of IAC companies, the renowned Russia-linked ransom gang LockBit has launched an audacious attack on...

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huntress guide

The Ultimate Guide to Huntress EDR and Veroot Partnership for IT Providers

Veroot is a proud partner with Huntress EDR! We have complete confidence in their ability to diligently monitor our systems and collaborate with us...

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Anti-Virus (AV): Antivirus software, or AV, is a tool that finds and removes malware from devices. It looks for known viruses, worms, Trojans,...

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up close keyboard

Millions of Exim Mail Servers Exposed to Zero-Day RCE Attacks

A critical security issue has been found in all versions of Exim mail transfer agent (MTA) software. This vulnerability could allow unauthorized...

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Microsoft’s Crash Dump Results in Major Security Breach

According to a report by The Hacker News, Microsoft has revealed that a China-based threat actor known as Storm-0558 acquired an inactive consumer...

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cyber security

Veroot’s Partner, Huntress, Managed Detection and Response for Microsoft 365

Protect Your Cloud by Stopping Cyber Attacks Earlier with Huntress. A single stolen credential or compromised account can be used to launch a...

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