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Compliance Management

IACSSP Strategy

Implement Your IACSSP Strategy

Veroot helps the IAC with an easy to understand IACSSP Strategy Veroot acts as a security compliance partner to those participating in the Indirect...

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Sensitive security information

What does Sensitive Security Information have to do with IACs and Air Cargo

SSI, in the context of the Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) program, stands for Sensitive Security Information. SSI is a designation used by transportation...

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Air Forwarders Association

Veroot's Commitment to Industry:  AFA Platinum

Exciting news is on the horizon as Veroot takes a significant step in supporting the air freight community. We're thrilled to announce our pledge to...

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process automation

How does an Authorized Representative use Veroot?

In the ever-evolving landscape of air freight logistics, having a reliable and efficient TSA system is crucial, especially for Authorized...

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5 Ways To Use Veroot's TSA Product

1. Drive TSA Compliance Cargo screening and TSA compliance is no joking matter. Veroot’s system allows companies to gather and manage information...

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