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How to Automate Your TSA Training

How to Automate Your TSA Training
Are you responsible for handling the TSA training in your organization?
Administering Change 9, Attachment 3, Core 2.0 training and more has never been easier or more secure. Choose the training module you want, choose your IAC sponsor (if required), and start training. No paperwork. No formalized employee meetings. A process designed to save you time and money.
  • Monitors your company's training progress.
  • Auto grades tests.
  • Archives certificates and test results online in downloadable .pdf form.
  • Instantly update your Veroot employee roster with test scores and certificates.
  • Available anytime from a laptop, iPad, desktop computer, etc.
Training Screen-1

No more misplaced test paperwork or illegible handwriting. Find your employees testing information for your whole company. Quickly and easily see who has completed their training, and how they performed. Simple. Easy. Efficient.



Choose from a wide variety of standard TSA, CTPAT, Cyber or Security Awareness trainings:

  • Change 9
  • Attachment 3
  • Core 2.0
  • CTPAT Security Awareness
  • Cyber Security
  • Etc.

Administering training has never been easier. A simple intuitive user training interface for the entire company. All are integrated with your employee roster already stored on Veroot!

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